Beth Loves Ass Play!

Ass fetish

Beth’s Favorite Fetish 

Have you heard the saying eat the groceries? How about tossing a salad? If you have it is probably because you have an Ass fetish. I also love a plump ass on a girl. How about we go find a very sexy one together. 

Could you picture it for me? The two of us laying on our backs next to each other. My hands on your cock your hands in my cunt. Then, a lovely juicy ass hovering over both of our faces. Both of our tongues touch as we lick that sweet little asshole of hers. The thought of making out while inside of a tight little asshole makes me very fucking excited. Does it make your cock hard picturing it?

Our tongues push to spread those brown walls as we fuck that hole. She reaches down and grabs your cock as she rides our mouths. Tugging on it till you cum all over her hand. 

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