Blind Date


Erotic roleplaying

I had a blind date with Patrick, I had been chatting with Patrick for two weeks, and finally, we decided to meet. We scheduled to meet by 7:30 pm at a Chinese restaurant. Patrick was the first to get to the restaurant; he waited for like 30mins before he noticed me. I could tell he was impressed by my tall, fair, and slim body stepping in from the front door he was so amazed because he never expected that I would look so attractive. As I approached the table, Patrick stood up and offered me a seat; both of us were happy and excited to see each other. After like a minute, the waiter approached us, and we both ordered a glass of red wine. As the conversation was going smoothly, I became very horny and couldn’t control my emotions anymore. I stylishly told Patrick to meet me at the restroom. Patrick was surprised but was also willing and ready for the adventure. After a minute, he decided to go and meet me in the bathroom. Immediately he stepped in, and I started kissing and caressing him, Patrick quickly grabbed my ass and squeezed it so hard as we were kissing so passionately. After kissing for like 5mins I knelt down and started giving him a blow job, it felt so good, and Patrick had a maximum erection. After a while, I stood up and bent over, then Patrick quickly penetrated my very wet pussy through the back and spanked my soft ass as he was pounding me. I moaned quietly with a very low and sexy voice. Patrick increased his tempo, consistently making me lose control. Patrick continued, and after 20mins I had my first orgasm I wanted to scream, but Patrick quickly covered my mouth and remained consistent with his big dick going in and out of my wet cum dumpster pussy. After another 30mins I had another orgasm, but this time around, Patrick couldn’t stop me from screaming so loud because I was Cuming and squirting at the same time. After that round, both of us were exhausted, but we were delighted as we stepped out of the restaurant.

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