Captive- Tied Up and Teased Without Release

Tease and Denial


My victim was tied to the bed, naked, horny and vulnerable. He had been receiving immense pleasure for over an hour. I first started with his cock, using a feather to tickle it awake. Tickling his cock with the feather turned him on and I could tell by his growing erection. Then, I used the feather to tease his sensitive hard nipples. Once I was bored of the feather, I used my tongue. I rubbed my own beautiful nipples on his body while I licked his, making him so horny and helpless. After that, I licked only the tip of his cock gently. I knew that any more pleasure would cause him to burse and cum all over my face. I didn’t want him to cum just yet, I was having too much fun. Once I was done licking his cock, I climbed back on top of him and rubbed my pussy on his cock. He was throbbing at this point and I knew even a slight breeze would make him squirt. I wanted to tease him some more, but I untied him, let him go and told him to leave. I bet he thinks of me now every time his cock gets hard.

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