Cover Us In Cum To Make Us Happy

Cum on boobs


Some guys love to cum on boobs, some want to blow their load on faces.  It doesn’t matter to me and my daughter where you want to shoot your juicy shot.  As long as you fuck us like we need to be fucked, you can bust your nut wherever you want.  We’ll even clean it up for you, if you want, but you have to be sure to gape us out really good, first.

We love having our hot holes reamed out by a rock hard rod, what girl doesn’t?  You have to pace yourself, we’re so sexy that you’re going to want to cream us up really quickly.  That’s fine if you have more in the pipe and can still pound away on our mommy/daughter cunt combo.  If you’re a one and done kind of guy, you’ll probably want to keep it slow and steady for a bit so you don’t rocket fire off a round of cock snot before you’re ready to be done with us.  Just sayin’, word to the wise.

If you can get over the urge to purge your sack early and keep up with us while we suck and ride and use your body to please our primed pussies, we’ll reward you with a writhing, screaming orgasm the likes of which you’ve never experienced.  Then you can cover my daughter’s pretty face and my sexy breasts with your sticky cum.  If we lick it off of each other, you’ll know that you made us really happy.


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