Cum on my feet

Foot fetishes

The cum oozed out of his mushroom head onto my soft brown toned colored feet. This was the mailman’s dick I was pleasing. He not only delivered my mail,he also, delivered his dick to me on occasions. I had just gotten a fresh pedi at the salon. When I greeted him at the door I was ass naked. My tits and nipples practically poking out begging him to nibble on them. My pussy was dripping wet from how horny I get when I see him. The only thing that caught his eye were my feet. He pushed me into the house and laid me onto the couch. He placed his hard cock in between my feet and told me to make him cum. I did just as I was told. I will do anything for my Mr. mailman. I am his slutty little cum whore.I slid my feet up and down so fast he came all over the place. I licked the cum right off of his dick while he licked the cum right off of my toes. I love a good foot fucking. Come admire my toes as I please your dick with them.



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