Dressing My Sissy Up to Get Showered in Cum

Forced crossdressing


Aren’t you the perfect cock sucking little faggot? You’re all dressed up like a princess and ready to swallow some balls. I love that I made you wear that tight red dress with the sheer stocking and the red pumps. They look so good on you. You should have been up front with me about how much you actually love cock. Now I have to write cock slut on your forehead so everyone can know who you are when you walk down the street. Maybe a man will see you in your new slut uniform and will know just how much of a fag you are. He’ll tell you to get down on your knees in the street because you are so desperate for any dick and you will suck that big dick until he cums all over your dress. Maybe I don’t even need to write anything on your forehead, the amount of cum that splatters onto your new red dress will show exactly how much of a cock slut you really are. Now, spin for me and let me see what a real pathetic sissy whore looks like. 

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