Forced feminization Series

forced feminizationForced feminization By Strap-on play is so fucking hot! He really didn’t know what to expect when he started the speed date last night. I saw him staring me down as I moved tables between the timers going off. I’m used to men undressing me with their eyes, I encourage it. But this dude was a skinny white guy with a dorkish mannerism. So, that means I lay on my southern charm and big ass extra thick. I must have dropped my little not card three or four times right beside him as I switched tables. That’s right baby look at my ass peeking out under my short skirt. I was sure any moment he would either start rubbing himself under the table or take a bathroom break to jerk his cock. My sexy legs have that effect on men.

The Ladies who sat with him seemed uncomfortable at his blatant attention on me. The poor man couldn’t even get a phone number. And then it was my turn! “Hello I’m Gwen,and you like my ass,” I said as I shook his clammy hand. “So, are you a big ass creep, or should I be flattered?” I giggled. Apologies rained, and his stammer was cute. The more I looked at his soft fine features and big green eyes, the more I saw a woman hiding inside a shy male appearance.
When he did ask me what my hobbies were I giggled, snorted, and leaned across the table. “I enjoy sissy maid training on men like you!” Now, he was flabbergasted and as I slid my number across the table, I saw longing in his eyes. “And I have several strap-ons that would look lovely up you ass-pussy. Text me!” I winked. I was barely out of the parking lot when he texted me. He would just have to wait, I found some cock I was gonna ride tonight! But I will keep You updated on this sissy boy!

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