Ego Boosting Girl’s Night

Small boobs

All of my friends’ teen daughters were so upset that they have small boobs that they had a chat thread together about all of them saving up the money for fake tits.  My girls weren’t in it, they love their bodies how they are.  I taught them from an early age that they’re absolutely perfect and that guys will want to be with them and do things for them no matter what and to just enjoy the ride.  My friends apparently didn’t raise their girls in as open of a manner, so they came to me, their naughty sex therapist neighbor and creamy teen loving confidant, to help them out.

I’m glad that they did, girls need to have a positive self image, especially in this day and age.  There’s a lot of brainwashing that goes on in our society and girls think that, if they don’t look a certain way, they aren’t attractive or useful for anything important.  So, I invited all of those beautifully budding little bitches to my place for a girl’s night sleepover so I could impart some wisdom and spread a little pussy empowering positivity to all of those future sophisticated hotties.

It was a great, slightly sleazy slumber party that I’m sure helped my mammary loving message sink into their pretty little heads.  The very first thing we all did was strip out of our tops and freed our titties.  Nudity is natural, boobs are amazing, that’s the message I wanted to send.  They didn’t need any enhancements, I think their ta-tas were absolutely terrific.  They all looked great and felt so soft yet so firm all at once.  I’d kill to have my teen tits back, they were legendary to say the least.  Anyway, we all sat around feeling each other up and talking about life and boys for hours.  I’d slip a life lesson in now and then, but it was mostly just laughing and fondling, real girly stuff.

Of course you aren’t going to get a bunch of teen girls together and make them rub on each other’s racks and expect them to not get horny, that would be ridiculous.  When they finally laid down with each other to go to sleep, some of their hands went from friendly nipple twisting to naughty clit flicking, naturally.  Getting to watch a room full of newly aware, evolving little teen girls go to town on their chum’s cum tunnels and knowing I am the one who gave them the courage to do so is such a life reward.  I love doing good and helping out any girl or woman who might need a little ego boost, that’s just how I am.  If I need to get it done with a naughty sleepover with some soon to be sophisticated sluts, then so be it.  They’re really sexy chicks and they need to know it!   


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