Erotic Roleplaying Lets Me Pretend I am a Princess

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying spices up any love life, even mine. Since my last marriage, I decided committed relationships were no longer for me. However, many lovers at once feels perfect. But that does not mean that I cannot spice things up with a sexy costume. My young lovers never mind seeing me dressed like a sexy maid or a fairy tale princess. Creativity in the bedroom makes any sex life better.

With Halloween right around the corner, I have been playing dress up more often. However, one of my students I am fucking this semester thinks Snow White is hot. I get it she represents innocence and virginity. Personally, I think I may be more like the evil queen. Innocence and virginity do not describe me. Not sure it ever did. I am a naughty teacher who uses her position of power to bang young studs.

And Zach appeared to be a fan of my Snow White outfit. Unlike most of my pets, he does not need any help in the bedroom. Some sexy mature women already taught him how to eat pussy and fuck. We pretended he was one of my dwarfs but with a big cock. I know it sounds silly. And it was silly, but sex should be fun. I think monogamy is boring. So I advocate for me, my pets and any couple who seeks my advice to engage in a polyamorous lifestyle.

Roleplaying in the Bedroom Spices Things Up

How can you get bored with your lover if you have many of them? Although Zach enjoyed my Snow White role play, he wanted to invite more people into our bedroom scenario. I assumed he wanted some cute coeds to join us. I like pussy too. But he wanted 6 more dwarfs so he could watch me in a kinky gang bang. Most pets never think about such sexy things as sharing my fuck holes with a bunch of college boys.

This sexy babe could entertain 7 frat boys better than a porn star. And I did too. Brought me back to my wild college days. With Halloween right around the corner, I suspect I will sport more hot outfits in the bedroom. Next up, I think, I might be Wonder Woman. What sexy role plays do you enjoy in the bedroom?

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