Everyone Loves Big Wet Asses

Sexy ass pic

Every picture of my world class ass that ever gets taken is a super sexy ass pic!  It can’t be helped, my glutes are simply gorgeous and get every single cock that they bounce by super hard.  Some guys even say that the way my ass sways back and forth and jiggles as I move is erotically hypnotizing.  I don’t doubt it, my big beautiful butt is a super fun force to be reckoned with.

I can’t go anywhere without someone goosing my cheeks or giving me a real hard booty slap as I walk by.  Something in that mesmerizing way it moves around makes almost everyone who sees it want to touch it, but some people simply just can’t help themselves.  It’s not just a guy thing, girls do it, too.  It’s just the cost of having a rump that everyone wants to ride, I guess.

I don’t mind the extra attention my ass gets, I know just how amazing it is.  Yeah, I’ve got great tits and a perfect pussy, there’s no denying that.  I’m well aware that my most fuckably valuable asset is my asshole and the plump, fluffy cheeks that surround it.  My big wet ass pics lure in every bum loving freak with an ass fetish who sees them.  Is there anyone who can resist? 


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