Exhibitionist sex still has me fantasizing

Exhibitionist sexAt a rich party, sipping the most delicious wine you could possibly imagine, dining on delights well beyond the average person’s means even during a celebration, and all I could think about was the pool boy’s hard cock and all the exhibitionist sex we’d enjoyed earlier. It was rigorous, filled me up and treated me like just another plain cunt it could pump full of cum without consequence. It was wonderful, being treated like a no-good whore, being pushed down and pummeled with all the weight of a man’s hips. His hungry cock devouring my wet cunt like it’s a side dish of his favorite delights. I’m into having my hairy wet pussy abused, I’m into being used, I’m into being taken for granted and taken advantage of. I want to get dirty, I want to get naughty, I want to find myself deep in the dirt and reamed from behind. The impact of my tits on the dirt leaving an impact like footprints in the sand, from just how hard I’m being pumped into, is a dream of mine. My favorite clients know exactly where to put me, below them, cock in my pussy and hand on my hair. I like when they pull my hair and pull my head up so I’m forced to look them right in the eyes as they pump massive loads of cum deep in my womb. When it comes to a hot sexy woman like me, you have to know exactly how to make us drip down our legs and wet the floor below. That way is almost always being put in our place, making us rethink the times when we were somewhat of a bitch to someone who should have been pounding us. I can’t get enough of getting reminded exactly where I belong in the world, that place being taking a pounding from a hard cock like the one that made me.

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