Foot fetishes: I am selling pictures of my beautiful feet

Foot fetishesI am Daddy’s Princess phone sex slut, he always gives me American express gift cards so that he is able to pay for my manicure and pedicure every two weeks. Daddy loves pictures of my cute piglets painted his color of choice; this week he picked a cherry red! He requested I send him pictures and videos of my bald pussy with my toes peeking into the camera. He loves when I mail him my sweaty gym socks after a 60 minute run… They smell so sweet; I put them in a sealed zip block bag so they can hold the stench and hopefully arrive moist for him, some days they do and some days they don’t.

Daddy loves the scent of my piggies either way they fulfill his Foot fetishes.. Especially since I massage my pretty feet in Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret body lotion that he bought me; it’s his favorite fragrance.. The mix of the two, a womanly scent paired with the scent of my sweet sweat makes daddies’ cock rock hard.. He calls me to guide him through masturbation and describe to him how soft my feet are from being dipped in a water-basin full of Garra rufa fish at my last pedicure session that he paid for. Daddy loves the mystery of my sexy voice and the thought of my arches stroking his veiny cock… It’s the Tease and denial that sets him off, knowing he paid but cannot touch. He closes his eyes and cums all over my used socks!

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