Exhibitionist sex will get me off so hard

I love guys who love Exhibitionist sex. My last naughty fuck buddy wanted to fuck anywhere the mood would strike. “Your ass looks great in that dress,” you whisper in my ear as you grab my ass. Then you slide your hand over underneath my dress. “Is that pussy wet for me?” You ask while biting my neck. That’s when I open my legs.

While in public you start to ram your fingers in my cunt. Since we were in line to buy a movie ticket, we decided to buy our ticket and head to the movie. We found a perfect spot where we were hidden but you could see our shadow if we were to get up. After a while when the movie started, you stuck your fingers up my cunt again. While kissing me you finger fucked me.  Then I stood up and I could see my shadow on the screen.

I lifted my dress and spread my Sexy legs and right away you pulled your cock out. “Fuck me hard” I moaned as you pushed your dick inside me. I could see our shadows on the screen over the movie as we fucked hard. Since it was a horror movie the screams covered my moans. Finally, you put down on my neck and grabbed my tits.

Exhibitionist sex

Then I felt your cock start to pump thick cum inside me. Knowing people could see our shadows fucking and feeling your cock spray in me made me squirt. When you pulled out of me we grabbed our stuff and left. It was so fun knowing they saw us and that I was dripping your juices down my leg.  

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