Farah The Hot Sexy Woman To Bring You Too Your Knees

hot sexy woman

I know a hot sexy woman when I see one. I love that my all-girls school turned me on to the delights of licking pussy and ass. I happened to attend the sexy and sexually talented Farah’s Closeted sissy boy seminar this last weekend. I could not keep my eyes off her. This is what I needed in my life. A real woman who knew how to bring every man in this room to his knees. I looked about and saw men from all walks of life. And some women who I wasn’t sure if they were a woman but were very passable. As she sauntered across the stage on 6-inch stilettos I could hear gasps and awes from the audience. She told the crowd that her heels were bigger than any of their cocks and dared that even one biological female was in the room besides her. I stood and much to my surprise I was the only one. My pussy was excruciatingly wet, and I knew the mistress Farah has everything to know on me. I was asked to the stage and she whispered in my ear that if I wanted to make 100 sissy sluts cum at once, all I had to do was berate them and tell them just how pathetic their cocks were. I was up to the challenge and I must say my pussy came as I heard every single panty-boy wet his pants with sissy cum stains. Small dick humiliation is so fucking arousing. I have much to learn, but I really wanted in Farah’s panties, Perhaps one day…small dick humiliation

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