Fucked At The Club By A Young Stud!

GFE phone sexA nice night out at the club generally ends with my clothes iff, legs soread and a cock pumping in my holes all night. I was so fucking drunk and horny we didn’t even make it back to my place in time. This young stud fucked my mature hairy pussy on the back couch in the club. His name is Eric and he was this sexy 24 year old with a big rock hard cock and slender build. He bought me drinks all night and I wanted his fucking load so bad. I got pretty wasted I begged him to fuck me right in the club.

Those young boys will fuck anywhere so I knew I was in luck and could probably get whatever I wanted. He picked me up and threw me on my back on the couch right away. He tore my clothes off and slapped my tits around a bit and said he loved older/mature women. He said we know how to fuck better and I agreed. He took his already hard cock out and slipped up and down my slit.

I kept my legs nice and spread for him as he jack hammered my hot little hole open. There were tons of people in the next room that would easily be able to witness this. Neither one of us cared; he kept fucking me and I was moaning louder and louder. He slapped my tits and choked me a bit while he fucked my pussy. He watched my tits bounce in his face and said I was the hottest little bitch he has fucked in a while. He blew his load up my cunt, slapped is cock on my slit and walked away. I had a strangers seed up my pussy and I loved it!

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