Giving a Whole New Meaning to Sexy Babe

Sexy babe is what you see and it’s this sexy dominant woman that you crave to serve. In fact, if you really wish to serve me and enjoy my Domination then understand the door opens with respect first. 

First and foremost, you will refer to me as Mistress. Now that this important morsel has been shared let us continue with what is in store for you. 

Once I have dressed for my dominant role, my bad girl side will be released. This is the part of me that will take no shit like a bad girl shouldn’t. From you I expect you to be on your knees. Crawl to me and lick my tall vinyl boots.  

Giving a Whole New Meaning to Sexy Babe 

As I have you where I want you, naked and crawling, you are understanding your place. In a rare case I will take the roll of a sissy trainer and have you in panties. Either way is acceptable for me. 

Once I understand what fuels your obsession to be a subservient male to a powerful woman we can begin. Now understand, if you have no idea what you want then neither will I. 

First off, my cunt is wet with the surge of power as I stand over you, slave. Understand that I’m confident and very sure of myself and the power of this pussy. Secondly, If you are an ass man I have no problem making you worship every part of my ass.

Now that we have a few conditions covered, it is prime time that you submit to me now.

Finally, our fantasize ultimately has no limits. But understand that I am not a mommy, nor am I a breeder.

 Sexy babe

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