Giving head to strangers

Hot sexy woman


   His massive cock throbbed and he pulled it out of my tight shaved pussy. Grabbing a fist full of my hair and pulling me to my knees. He rubbed his throbbing member against soft wet pussy lips and I began to suck his pecker aggressively.

 Desperately i licked and slurped, trying to please this stranger. He let out a groan and a huge spurt of hot cum shot down my throat. I immediately started gagging and tried to pull off the massive erection but he shoved my face back into his crotch and said keep sucking you slut bitch you know this is what you want stop fucking around.

This dude’s pecker continued spewing hot cum, shooting thick ropes of hot sticky cum all down my throat and was spilling out the sides of my mouth but I kept going. That’s is you stupid skank now you’re getting the picture don’t stop ok bitch. I nodded my head in agreement and swallowed the first round of jizz and it landed like lead weight in my stomach. How much dick sucking does this asshole want I thought to myself but kept obediently blowing this stranger without hesitation.

I kept that stiffy in mouth eating his dick for over an hour before he finally dumped his final load of sperm into my mouth. He actually pinched my nose shut the last round so I had to swallow all of his thick baby batter no getting around it.

You just love a cock in your mouth don’t you you dirty whore? Damn you can suck one hell of dick though I’ll give you that as he zipped up his pants. He started the key in the ignition and we were finally making our way to my apartment.

Oh god I start to wonder , is he going to come inside when we get to my place? I don’t think my jaw can take anymore I say to myself I’m already fighting lock jaw now….well I guess I’ll find out soon enough as we pull into my driveway…


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