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phone sex therapistYou and your daughter came in today because you’ve been having some issues at home and I’m here to help. Apparently she’s had an awful fucking attitude and she’s been going behind your back and fucking everyone of your coworkers. I could tell be the way she dressed that she’s a little slut and maybe we should work together to get that out of her. Why don’t you make her get on her knees and fill her mouth with your cock so that she can’t talk back anymore. If she tries to pull away I want you to force her down hard and fast and make her gag on your cock. Good, now make her stand up and I want you to lift that tiny little skirt of hers up and if she doesn’t have panties on I want you to give her little round ass a good spanking. I want her to know that she’ll be disciplined like the little whore she is. Now slip your fingers into her tight little pussy and if she’s wet I want you to pinch her little clit and make her get on her hands and knees right in front of you. I know you want to fuck her so what I need you to do is fuck her like the little skank should be fucked. Make her wish that she was fucking you instead of your coworkers. Now I want you to fill her little mouth with your big load and tell her that every time she has an attitude this is what she’ll get.

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    • Keith on July 6, 2022 at 7:21 pm
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    Lena, You get me so fucking hard!

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