Giving My Boss A Sloppy Blowjob Before He Goes

Cum on Boobs

I had always been a messy eater, and sucking cock was no different. My boss was having a going-away party at my job. He was going to retire early and move to a different country. I knew this was the chance to give him a going-away gift that he would never forget. I pulled my boss aside, looking worried and asking if I could talk to him in his office. Concerned, he went back with me and locked the door. I told him that for his Bon Voyage gift that I had something very special for him. I unbuttoned my blouse to reveal my big bouncing tits with tiny, sensitive nipples. I played with my nipples as I told him that I wanted to be his good cock-sucking slut tonight. He had his pants down before I could even get the sentence out. I sucked and licked on his cock, drooling all over it. My boss loved the messy way I sucked his cock and begged me to take his entire cock in my mouth. At this point, his throbbing cock was covered in precum. I slurped on his cock like it was an ice cream sundae and begged for him to cum on my tits. He squirted all over my big tits, leaving his sticky white cum on my tits and nipples. I cleaned up my tits and cleaned his cock with my tongue. I told him that when his nights are cold and long to think of my mouth watering on his cock and giving him the sloppiest blowjob of his life. 

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