Hot Sexy Woman Farah Can Weather Any Storm with the Right Man

hot sexy womanThis hot sexy woman had one hell of a week. The first week of school started, but we only got a few days in before Hurricane Hilary started brewing. California is no stranger to wildfires and mudslides. But a hurricane? No tropical storm has hit Southern California since 1939. That was way before my time. In fact, it was before my parents’ time too. People here lost their damn minds though.

Schools shut down for the rest of the week. The school officials told us to go home and button down the hatch. None of us had supplies to survive a hurricane. So, I went to the store for necessities. I was not even greedy. I just wanted some batteries, candles, protein bars and bottled water.  However, that was too much for me to ask. I witnessed fights at the grocery store for the last case of water. Even though I left the store without what I came for, I did not leave the store empty handed.

A sexy babe can get what she needs if she knows how to finesse the right man. This sexy boy toy caught my eye. In his shopping cart were the items on my list. Seemed like fate to me. I flirted. And he took the bait. We went back to my place to weather the storm together. The weather folks downgraded the hurricane to a level 4 tropical storm, but that was still bad. Eventually, I lost my power. We lit candles, used my lanterns and fucked our brains out to pass the time.

I Know How to Have Fun During a Tropical Storm

We had food and immediate supplies. My car enabled us to charge up devices to watch movies when we came up for air. I don’t know about my neighbors, but I feel I have missed out on severe storms living in mostly sunny Southern California. I met a young buck and weathered the storm the best way possible. His cock was huge, and it worked every time I touched it. And I touched it a lot. The storm passed, but he stayed another couple days with me.

He informed me he should go home and inspect the damage to his house, but he could not tear himself away from my mature phone sex pussy. A storm may have brought us together. But sexual chemistry will keep us together. He’s coming back tonight for some more milf pussy. I am so glad too because I am now addicted to his cock.

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