I have a new neighbor

I have a new neighbor. OMG he is so handsome. I think he is single. You know, a bachelor. I watched the movers put his things away and nothing was feminine. I prefer single men. I can fuck them more because they can fuck me when I want to be fucked; not just when they can get away from their wives. I decided to be neighborly last night. I put on something sexy, baked a pie and went to say hello. I had a bottle of good bourbon with me because I could see his Maker’s Mark collection through the window. His name is Pete. He just got a new technology job in the city, so he bought his first house. He didn’t mention a girlfriend and he was getting buzzed and commenting on my sexy legs. I blurted out that nothing says welcome to the neighborhood like a hot blowjob. He paused because I think he wasn’t sure he heard me correctly. When I went to unzip his pants, he didn’t stop me, however. His cock was amazing. He manscapes! His cock was at least a solid 8-inches and thick too. I was showing off my cock sucking skills and being neighborly. He blew a hug load in my mouth. I love having new neighbors to fuck. I am the community welcoming slut.

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