Small Dick Humiliation was Warranted

small dick humiliationHe needed small dick humiliation and he got it. I was on a date. This was a man with a big bank account. He had everything I love in a man except the one thing that matters most, a dick. It was so small I thought he was born a girl and living as a man. My own clit was bigger. I was hopeful that he was the whole package because he was over 6 feet tall. Handsome, athletic and rich. Only problem was he was hung like a hamster. When he took his pants down, he was expecting a blowjob. That is not what he got, however. He got shamed. I laughed so hard I thought I would pee my panties. How could I be so wrong about a man? Normally, I am great about sizing up a man. He gave off no vibes of having a small dick. From his reaction, it was clear he had no clue he was small. Small is being generous. This was the most non-existent dick I had ever seen. The biggest disappointment too. He honestly thought I would fuck him because of his money. I looked him straight in the eyes, trying not to laugh and said, “I would not fuck you if you were the last man on earth. Not even if you paid me.” I walked right out of his place and went home and masturbated. I will never lower my standards. Dildos were made because of small dick losers like him.

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