I was so disappointed

best phone sexI went on a date with this guy I met on a sugar daddy website and what a disappointment he was! First off this guy was no sugar daddy, he was a broke ass splenda daddy and that’s even being generous to say. He credit card was declined for dinner so I had to pay and then when he took me home he flashed me a look at his cock like it was something to be proud of… spoiler alert, it wasn’t. He had this tiny cock and an empty wallet so he was completely a waste of my time but I was pissed off so I invited him up to my apartment. He thought he was gonna get laid but there was no fucking way that was gonna happen. I convinced him to let me tie him up and blindfold him then I made a call to a my tranny friend and sat back to watch the show. He was loving it when she started kissing him all over but when she pulled off his blindfold so he could see the huge cock staring him in the face he was less happy. He even screamed when she fucked his tight little ass too, it really made the price of dinner worthwhile. Trust me this broke ass motherfucker will never forget me!


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  1. Billy

    I have plenty of you money for you sweetie.

  2. Frank

    Oh My Baby Let me be your sugar daddy!

  3. Nick

    I need a foot job from you

  4. Paul

    God you are so fucking sexy! Our calls are always hot, hot, hot!

  5. harold

    you won’t be disappointed by my cock baby

  6. Ryan

    I so want to fuck you!

  7. jace

    I like you so much

  8. jordan

    i would love to be tied up by you!

  9. Kevin

    Your so dirty, I need you!

  10. Moe

    I want to fuck you while my sister watches.

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