Foot Fetishes

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common. I have a shoe fetish which goes well with a feet fetish. Almost every time I go shoe shopping to feed my addiction, I find a man with a foot fetish. I can usually spot them a mile away. Yesterday, I went on a shoe splurge, but I planned for it. I knew I couldn’t afford the expensive designer shoes I wanted, so I got a pedicure. Having pretty feet helps attract the feet guys. I am a classy woman. I dressed nicely and wore some classic designer pumps as I hit all the expensive shoe stores on Rodeo drive. I was like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman on a shopping splurge. I picked up a fan on my second stop. By my fourth stop, I confronted him. He was nervous, but I handled him. I made him an offer. Buy my shoes, and I would let him play with my feet. He popped a boner in his pants at the suggestion. He took me up on my offer. He paid for 7 pairs of shoes. We went back to his motel room and I gave him a foot job. Plus, I let him kiss my feet and lick my sexy legs. He was handsome and hung, not the case usually with foot fetish guys. He was a bit socially awkward, but that was to be expected. I didn’t fuck him. I would have, but he was all about my feet. And, honestly, I was all about the shoes. He got to worship and cum on a pair of sexy feet and I got a few thousand dollars worth of sexy shoes.  Win win in my book. I likely made out better in the end, but if some poor foot guy wants to pay my shoe tab just so he can cum on my feet, I would be stupid to say no.

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