Large boobs get me licked and paid

My Large boobs and hot body always attract the men who have a fat wallet. One big enough to make me do whatever they want. The last one was a big bear whose wife wouldn’t let him suck on her toes while he jacked off. But I don’t mind, I like it. I get spoiled by you just so you can use your tongue on me. I love when we are out, and I want you to give me your wallet and let me dominate you by using it to buy myself whatever I want. All I have to do is bend over and lift my skirt so you can lick my pretty rosebud asshole. You like seeing my toes curl when you lick my ass. Aside from having feet fetish you have an Ass fetish.

Large boobs

You love having a young perky round ass is your face smothering you until you are close to passing out then you want to suck on my toes while you jack off. That makes you bust a big load all over yourself. If I lick you clean you leave me with a big stack of money waiting for me on my vanity.

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