Let that hot sexy woman know you’re interested

hot sexy womanWhen a hot sexy woman pays attention to you, you really should let her know your interested. If you’re at a bar and catch the eye of a sexy flirt like me, then by all means buy me a drink. The most alluring thing is to maybe inquire with the bartender on what I’m drinking and have one brought to me with a sexy note and your phone # to text or your FB so I can PM you w/o giving out my phone number right away. Either way it’s exciting, or simply come over and talk to me and ask if I’d like another drink, that is even more respectful. One time I met up with an ex at a bar and we had this game we played, either I would excuse myself from dinner with another date and slide my panties off. I would walk by that ex and slip them in his pocket with a whisper to meet me at such and such time outside. We go to a private place or hotel and fuck. Leaving my date behind for awhile only to meet back up with him after fucking. I love cuckolding one lover with an ex or new fuck.

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