My Student Has an Ass Fetish

ass fetishThis summer school student of mine has an ass fetish and he is hot for teacher. He loves worshiping my ass. I knew it from day one. I just have a sixth sense when it comes to fetishes. I know a man’s kinky perversions before he does. Drew was always staring at my ass. One day, in my office I dropped my purse. I bent over to get it and drew smelled my ass. He tried to be subtle about it, but he didn’t realize I could see him in my office mirror. The next day, I kept him after class, locked the doors, bent over the desk and told him to lick my ass. I could hear him breathing heavily like a pervert. He could not believe that his naughty teacher was instructing him to do what he had long fantasized about. I felt his tongue licking up and down my ass crack. I had him slip his tongue and fingers in a few of my holes. I love having a kinky teacher’s pet willing to spit shine my pretty pink fuck holes.

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