Lucky to get anything for Erotic roleplaying

I love how my hot body gets me paid and spoiled to have Erotic roleplaying sessions. You spoil me and give me anything I want so I can play your naughty slutty milf neighbor. We start by you, watching me from over the fence. I’m naked and sunbathing. I roleplay that I don’t see you and I spread my legs. I start playing with my cunt while pinching my sexy nipples. I hear something and it’s you. I yell for you to come over, nasty boy. You come over next to me with your pants at your ankles and your cock in your hand. I grab your cock and yank at your hard cock as I yell at you for watching me.

Erotic roleplaying

You apologize and beg me not to tell your mom. I started speed jacking you and I could feel that you were close to busting your nut. I stop, edging you and look at your eyes while spreading my Sexy legs and pushing your head to my cunt. You licked me hard, and I just rubbed my cunt all over your face until I squirted. You asked me to let you jack off. I nodded and you wanked hard staring at my pussy. Your balls tightened up and your young cock started exploding your cum all over my big boobs.

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