Mature Sexy Woman Car Wash Two

Best phone sexThe Hot and Sexy Car wash I had with my Sexy milf neighbor Mary Anne was talked about days later by all of the teen boys in the neighborhood. I know this because one of the boys by the name of Franky showed up at my front door. He told me he heard about the sexy show me and my sexy neighbor put on. Franky got down on his knees begging me to give Mary Anne a call so we can wash our dirty cars again. This time though, Franky wanted to be the only boy watching the show. He told me he had an Ass fetish, he wanted to see me wash more than just my car, he also wanted to see me wash Mary Anne’s Sexy Milf ass. I am always down to help any boy who wants to see some hot Milf action. I called Mary Anne, she was hot and ready to show this young son a good time. We may be mature hotties but that does not mean we do not know how to get down and dirty every now and then. It did not take us long to get dressed and ready to give this boy the show he had been waiting for. As soon as he saw our big soft Sexy breasts breaking out of our tight clothes, his eyes became wide. This boy was ready to see some hot milf action. In the end, we had a great time! I am so happy I got to have some kinky fun with a Hot sexy woman like Mary Anne. We were like giggling little school girls the whole time. Franky loved it when I pulled down Mary Anne’s shorts and her little bikini, exposing her soft ass to him. I made sure to do just as he requested. I lathered her plump bum up, bubbles were everywhere. I looked at Franky and asked him was he ready for me to blast this hose off right on Mary Anne’s sexy ass. All Franky could do was shake his head in agreement. When all the fun was over, Franky was very satisfied with the show Mary Anne and myself put on for him. He told us he will remember this hot and sexy moment for the rest of his life.Hot sexy woman

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