Naughty Exhibitionist Sex with My Neighbor

exhibitionist sexI have a dirty confession. I enjoy exhibitionist sex. Being watched masturbating makes my pussy wet.  This morning, it was unseasonably warm for this time of year. I have a handsome neighbor. He is married but his wife is not hot. Now, I know some men marry for other things, but my neighbor and his wife never fuck. I can see into their bedroom. Never do they close the blinds. I would say they are exhibitionists, but they never do anything worth watching. They don’t even go to bed at the same time. I figured he was undersexed and would enjoy my show. His wife is not much to look at but I am. No man has looked away when I am playing with my pussy. I sat on my back patio, naked, with my legs spread wide, rubbing my cunt until I caught his eye. Once I did, he couldn’t disengage from me. His eyes were locked on my cunt. Mine were locked on his cock once he pulled it out and started stroking. I had no clue he was packing a big cock. His wife must be a lesbian not to want that cock. I was trying to signal him over to make a homemade naughty neighbor porn, but he just wanted to stroke his cock for me. We both came. It was a hot encounter, but I want more. I want his cock and I will get it.

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