Naughty Teacher Farah Loves to Milk Young Prostates

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is what guys call me. My students love me, even the girls. I am a great teacher, but I am sexy and fun too. I work with students to make sure they get the grade they want. There are always students who will not go the extra mile to improve their grades, but for the ones who do, I love to work with them in my own special way. Did you ever have hot for teacher fantasies? High school or college, female teachers will always have a certain lure for young, horny men. I have a few pets this semester. Normally, I just pick one boy who I think could benefit from my tutelage, but there are just too many needy boys. Jeremy is one of the teacher’s pets this semester. He is smart, but he gets bored easily. He needs constant stimulation to stay focused. That is just a polite way of saying he is horny all the time and needs his balls drained so he can focus on other shit. I bet you can relate. I am part teacher and part phone sex therapist. I can help drain a man completely. Men need to be open, however, to my special ways. Regular sex rarely drains a man’s ball completely. Do you know where I am going with this yet? Prostate milking is the best tool for making sure a man can focus on work or school. Jeremy loves to fuck his hot teacher, but my pussy and ass never drains his balls thoroughly. He never minds my finger up his ass though. I use my lubed up finger to find that pea sized spot in his ass. When I do, it is like a volcanic explosion. He cums so hard that I think he has an ass fetish like me. I fuck him before class, and then I finger his ass to give him a prostate milking. It is like a kinky form of therapy, but it works. With his balls drained, he can focus on all his schoolwork. Do you need a good ball draining too?

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