Naughty Teacher Farah Never Turns a Boy Away in Need of Sex Tutoring

naughty teacherI love being a naughty teacher. Young minds and young cocks need to be shaped. And no one is better at doing that than a sexy mature woman. When I first began seducing male students, it was one a semester. I have outgrown my training wheels. I have a handful of pets every semester. Sometimes, I count a student out of the fun way too soon. Charlie was not a boy who immediately caught my attention. He is a shy boy. Typical computer nerd without many social skills. Plus, he is brilliant. Smarter than me and I rarely will admit to that. He does not need special help from the teacher. He did need some special help in the bedroom though. Charlie was a virgin until he landed in this mature phone sex babe’s classroom this semester. He is not gay. He is not religious either. Just shy. He approached me one day because he heard the rumors. I have helped geek boys like him in the past, just none as smart as him. I was happy to be his sex ed tutor when he asked me. I never turned down a boy in need. I am so glad he approached me though because he has been a surprisingly great lover. I mean his cock is huge. He did not even know how to kiss a woman let alone masturbate his cock when we first got together in February. After only a few months of fucking, he can make me cream my panties with only a kiss. Plus, he can make me squirt with a single lick. Every woman hopes their man will be as good as Charlie, even if they do not know it yet. Last night, Charlie not only ate my pussy for two hours making me cum multiple times, but he also cooked me diner and did my laundry too. This sexy babe has a house husband with none of the problems and all the benefits.

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