Naughty Teacher Farah Turns Boys into Good Cunt Slaves

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher decided to teach summer school this year. Every other summer I usually take some summer school classes. Not only does it pay well to teach summer school, but it exposes me to new young studs. The class size is smaller too, so I can really get to know my students well if I want to.

This class has 12 boys and 7 girls, and I like that ratio. Perhaps, boys have heard rumors about the hot mature teacher who likes to seduce her students, or there are just more boys who need summer school than girls. I do not care what the reason is because I have 12 young studs to get to know over the next month and a half.

Zach is my first pet of the summer school class. He plays football for my college and needs a lot of extra help to get his GPA up so he can play in the fall. He needs an A or B in my class. And I plan on helping him. But he needs to help this sexy mature phone sex babe too. And so far, he has proven he is a better cunt licker than a student. Zach has ADHD. However, when he eats pussy, he stays focused. His oral skills impress me. But I will work on his schoolwork too.

A Sexy Mature Babe Loves to Turn Boys into Good Pussy Eaters

When I take on a teacher’s pet, not only do I fine tune their sex skills, but I also help expand their minds too. No student passes my class just because they can eat pussy. Although I appreciate a good pussy eater, all boys, even the athletes, need to learn also. But my pussy and sexy body present young minds with the incentive they need to learn. So, this summer, I will teach Zach how to be a good lover. But I will also teach him how to be an A student too. This sexy babe enjoys enriching minds and creating good lovers for other women.

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