Naughty teacher gets dominated

I love when I get a Naughty teacher who needs to be dominated. In class you have to be in charge but with me you will not be. “Get on your knees and greet me correctly. Therefore, you get down and start kissing me feet. You work your way up and I turn around. I lift my skirt and expose my pussy and ass. “Show me how much you worship your mistress” I say as I spread my cheeks. A teacher like you is well known.

Naughty teacher

To have you on your knees licking my ass begging for more humiliation and domination gets me excited. As you lick my asshole, I grab your head and push your tongue deeper into my ass. “Lick me like a sissy bidet” I laugh as I suffocate him with my ass cheeks. “I have a surprise for you today” I say teasingly. “For your homework, you will wear these panties while you worship my cunt and make me squirt” I instruct you while I play with my cunty.


Bossing you around made me very excited. After your ass is wearing the panties that I picked for you, you get back in between my spread Sexy legs. Once you start licking my click, you know to work your way back down to my asshole. That is because my fetish is to have my beautiful booty licked while I masturbate my clit.

It is the best way for me to cum and drench you, just like I like. You follow great instructions like any sissy student needs to with his sexy dom. After some time, you feel my clench and you push deeper into my ass like a hungry slut. That is when my pussy squirts all your face. “You look better dripping in my juices” I say laughing. Now we will set up your new assignment. 

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