Phone humiliation for the teeny-weeny penis.

            Phone humiliation for the teeny-weeny penis. Going to show humiliate you over the phone telling you just how small of a dick you have. At the same time knowing that you are being cucked by every woman in your life. Going to make you watch. The reason for this being that no one wants a teeny-weeny penis. Normally your penis is supposed to be three times larger than your thumb when hard. Yours never grew from the time you were born and now no one wants a three-inch penis. That isn’t worth anything. Phone humiliation

            Balls need to be shaved. Pushed back. Turning you into a sissy. After all something that is so very small you already are in line to humiliated constantly. In fact, Cuckold phone sex is what you get when you have a teen-weeny penis.

            Sing with me now. Inni weeny teeny weeny shriveled little, short dick man. Admit it. Dead eye dick was right on the mark when they wrote this song. You are not a doubt one of the reasons that this song was written. Being forced into crossdressing is not a leap. You are a sissy after all. Tiny small dick means you don’t have the nerves that a clit has but you are not a man either. You are an abomination.

            In summary take what you are offered for you will suffer the indignity of being cucked by your partner. Made to wear her clothes, suffer the indignation over the phone. Finally, you will be subjected to the Small dick humiliation for the icing on the cake.

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