Naughty Teacher Office Hours

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher was ready for office hours yesterday. It was a special day. Not an open door but scheduled office visits from some of my hunkiest students needing extra credit. It’s good to be the queen. If I was a male professor suggesting things like trading sex for grades, the female students would be screaming #metoo. Male students high five each other because they got to bang the hot teacher and stay on the football team. My intro to Psychology class is mandatory for graduation. That means I get a lot of jocks who have to get at least a C to continue playing. Hung, teen boys can do a lot of me. I can change a D to a C for some good cock. Yesterday was all about saving the sports teams. I have some of the top players in my class and all but one is failing my. I sat on my big oak desk naked while each failing jock earned his passing grade the old-fashioned way. Not one of them was unhappy to be there either. I am a hot sexy babe and I give great head and I take cock in all my holes. Plus, I swallow and squirt. It was a busy day of “tutoring,” and I have a “hurts so good pussy” to show for it. Are you hot for teacher? I am always looking to help a young student maximize his potential.

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