Naughty Teacher Renee

You have been a very bad boy young man. One thing is to your advantage though, naughty boy. It would seem that I am indeed a Naughty teacher being that I am feeling a little horny. The thought of disciplining you in the naughtiest ways will indeed feel great for both of us.

I will not tell your mother or the principle if you don’t. Is that a deal? I will certainly molest that cock to it’s hardest it’s ever been. My goodness how I do love to roleplay with a naughty young man. You will learn to be a worthy fuck since I see your cock is filling out to be on the way to a great size. Here lay down and learn to eat pussy. That’s right use your mouth young man. Put those yapping lips of yours to good use.

The punishment must fit the offense. So since you were being a mouthy young man you will lick and suck on my clit and pussy. Good boy that’s right slide that tongue up my hole and lick it. You like that? Good. Your next offence will get you in deeper trouble *wink wink* Now that you made me cum you are free to go.

Sorry the balls must get no release. If you return to class tomorrow without blue balls then I will have to cage that cock. I am your disciplinary agent of learning. If you disobey the days will just be agony. If you do as I say you will be granted to fuck the best phone sex pussy ever.

Naughty teacher

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