On My Knees for my Sugar Daddy

Great blowjobs


My sugar daddy says that for every time I make him cum inside my mouth I get a new bag. It doesn’t matter where it is, his office, the grocery store or in his car. I make sure to give him an amazing blowjob every time. I love having cock in my mouth. I love licking it, the way it feels when I take it all the way in the back of my throat and my sugar daddy can feel the tip inside and moaning on the cock. There is just so much that I can do when I am sucking a cock and I love to have fun with it. My favorite thing to do is to suck on his cock head. It is so sensitive and even taking a little bit makes it hard. Another thing I like to do is rub my pussy all over the cock so I can lick all my pussy juices off of it. I can’t get enough of being his cocksucking whore and I’m so good at it too. You should see the bags in my closet. 

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