Sexy Chicks Only Get Better with Age

sexy chicksSexy chicks only get better with age. I am in my mid 50s now, but I swear I get hit on more than I ever did when I was in my 20s. I was a hot coed, but I am a smoking hot milf. I went to a party over the weekend. It was a birthday party combined with a New Year’s celebration. I am not a fan of parties. I find them boring, but the host has two college aged boys, and they were hitting on me the entire time. I was trying to be good. Their mother is a colleague of mine at the university where I teach. It was her 50th birthday. I like her, but she is far more reserved than me. Her sons, however, did not seem too sexually reserved. One showed me his cock and the other grabbed my boobs as I walked by him. Mature phone sex women will always be popular with younger guys. I was trying to be good. I do not like to piss colleagues off. It is bad for job security, LOL. But I was drinking wine, and as the party went on, her sons got bolder. The one had a nice sized cock, so the chances were good that so did his brother. Did I mention they were twins? I could only tell them apart by what they were wearing. As the night progressed, I was hornier and drunker. The host was drunk too. When I dipped into a spare room with the two horny boys, she was slurring her words. I was certain she would not notice me missing or her sons. It was a quickie in an empty room. According to her sons it is her craft room, but there was not much in there. There was a table I could bend over though. I sucked one boy and fucked the other. I went back to the party with their cum in my shaved wet pussy and on my breath. I got a few more loads before I went home too. Those young studs made the party for me.

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