Sexy Latin Goddess


GFE phone sex

I’m a proud sexy Latin goddess, and I merit being treated like I am supposed to be treated. I need a powerful, profound individual who is all about spoiling me to the core. I need a big rich buck to give me fancy dresses, diamond rings, mink coats, and all of the things I’ve ever fantasized about getting. If you are going to get this yummy cunt just be ready to buy me a brand new Benz. I want to sit my superior perfect bubble ass in my new Benz’s cream leather seats. I have not ever wanted any old regular whore’s car I require a limited edition 2020 Mercedes Benz with cream soft leather interior and black exterior. I desire always to be attended to as the super great bitch I am. I need you to understand that you should not ever fuck around with me. Do what you are supposed to an in return I am going to provide you with the best sexual experiences of your whole being. I am going to engulf your cock and balls until you lose your mind. I will make your cum filled balls cry for me. I know how to expedite pleasure, I’m the best. Every night you can fuck me in my ass until it’s gaping. I’ll beg you to discipline me, like a naughty girl needs. Listen, babe, you won’t know what hit you when I’m done because I am a real pleaser and I know what I want. Remember my love, I don’t have any rules what so ever.

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