Sugar Baby Weekend Get Away With The Legendary BDK

Sensual phone sexI was finally able to get some good quality alone time with my legendary Big Daddy King. We were cuddling up together out on our yacht. My big daddy always comes up with the best ideas. He told me he wanted to throw a party and do a sugar daddy and sugar baby weekend cruise on the yacht. I love it when big daddy makes plans for us, they are always so fun and exciting. What made it even better is that my sexy Big Daddy wanted me to help set the party up. He wanted me to find ten sexy sugar babies and he was going to find 20 daddies for our sexy, fun weekend getaway. The daddies had to each pay five grand to get in, what made this even more fun and exciting is daddy had the best idea to auction off all of the sugar babies that I was going to find for the sexy getaway. Once I found all ten sexy sugar babies we were ready to have some fun. Daddy loved the babies, he told me I did a great job and that they were all very sexy. Of course not sexy as me but I still did great. I made sure to pick girls with different nationalities as I know daddy loves variety. We had such a hot and sexy time at our getaway. While I and my legendary BDK were in our private suite we were out on the deck. We could see Sugar daddies fucking their sugar babies all over the place. Once we were back at our mansion, daddy let the men get off of the yacht. He told the babies to stay longer for an after party. It was just me Big Daddy and all ten sexy sugar babies. I put my kings thrown out in the middle of all the babies. I told the girls it was time to worship our king the way he deserved to be worshipped. I put daddies thrown in the middle of the floor and told my legendary king to sit down. I helped my big daddy put his robe and crown on. While the babies were in the back I brought my friend brandy up to daddies thrown. I wanted to show daddy how much I appreciate him for doing things I never thought was possible for me. If it was not for my legendary Big Daddy King I would not be where I am today. Rich, famous and it has been an honor to be by the side of a one and only Legend. My Daddy is a King with a big, fat, thick 13-inch anaconda dick. I will always serve my daddy the way he deserves to be served.



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