Big Daddy King’s Sexiest Sugar Baby

Sexy babeBig Daddy King called me up and and asked me to accompany him as his sexy babe to a huge business seminar that he was the key note speaker at in Los Angeles, CA. Of course my Living Legend is the one and only speaker at such an impressive event. Everyone wants to know what BDK has to say and are dying to hear his words of wisdom and advice. The fact that he wanted me to sit front and center while he spoke at the podium to the mass audience made me cream my panties a little bit. He has turned me into such a celebrity and I feel so fucking lucky! Of course when Big Daddy King was deciding which one of his perfect sugar babies he wanted to bring along for the trip, he ended up choosing me! I mean can you blame him?! I am fucking perfect and he knows it! Birds of a feather flock together! He is a walking, breathing, living God and of course he wants a beautiful angel on his arm to show off to the world. A sexy little vixen like me deserves to be shown off and flown all over so that everyone in BDK’s life both personal and business are able to meet me and see how well Big Daddy has done for himself. It gives him so much joy to spoil me and dress me up in all the designer duds that I love to wear! And just as much as he enjoys treating me like a princess and spoiling me endlessly, I love doing the same for him. It was such an incredible experience to be seductively sitting right in front of BDK as he unleashed his multi-million dollar ideas onto a sea of peasants in the audience. Although he was talking business, I knew what was really on his mind in the back of his head…Me! I wanted to give my Big Daddy King a subtle reminder of what he was going to get once he was done dropping some wisdom on the entire population of the seminar. It’s enlightenment that they have been dying to hear and I could not be more proud of my successful and sexy Living Legend! I spread my legs open while siting in my seat and lifted up my Gucci dress to expose my sexy custom made g-string that I was wearing which had BDK encrusted on it with beautiful sparkling diamonds. I could see Big Daddy flinch a little bit but he never lost his focus. That’s what I love about him, he is such a business man and a boss ass motherfucker! His presence is a present and everyone knows it! He is literally such a blessing to all these jealous losers that daydream about being him as they listen with intent while he speaks. So many try to compete but you cannot compete where you do not compare! He has set the standard and raised the bar to an extremely high level which no one will ever be able to reach! Everyone bows down to him and respects him like the Living Legend King that he is! Once the conference was over, Daddy and I hit the town and went to a delicious five star dinner and had some fun at the club so that we could show each other off and indulge in public displays of affection so everyone else could be jealous as fuck per usual! We were horny and tipsy so we headed back to the condo where BDK had a big surprise for me! Not only did he have a duffle bag full of two million dollars of cold hard cash for me to fly home with but he also had his massive anaconda cock hard and ready to fuck his sexy sugar princess! Big Daddy King is always ready to go no matter where we are! I used my diamond tongue ring to slurp and lick all over my anaconda cock that I am so fucking obsessed with! Daddy grabbed on to my long pretty hair and plunged my wet mouth deeper onto his big black cock until my nose was smashed into his torso and his ball sack was slapping against my chin. BDK exploded a huge load of anaconda cum for me and Monica Lewinsky’d all over my silky black dress. I am never going to wash it now, I want to keep his Living Legend cum as a trophy for life! That long anaconda cock does crazy things to me, I am so in love with my Big Daddy King! #AnacondaCock #RichDickOnly #BigDaddyKing #SexySugarPrincess #NoBrokeLosers #HatersGonnaHate #TooSexyForYou #DesignerEverything #MultiMillionDollarPussy

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