Sexy Legs Wrapped Around You

sexy legs

I’ve had a long hard day today. Do you know what always makes me feel better? You. Getting to wrap my sexy legs around you. Your soft lips and tongue tickling me in every place I need it. You peel off my pretty summer dress and put me up on the table. Our lips are moving against each other in a passionate kiss while your hands rub all over me. They knead my soft thighs. Draw circles on my back as you pull me into you. I can feel your cock pressed against my hot core. I arch into every touch and return the favor. Feverishly pulling you into me as much as I can. You break the kiss to leave hot bites on my neck and shoulder. Drawing a line from my throat to the center of my chest. You make sure every inch of my beautiful breasts get all of the attention they deserve. Massaging them, licking them, sucking them. You kiss your way lower and lower. Until you’re between my thighs. Kissing them too. I can feel your breath brushing against my clit, and I want to feel you so bad. As much as you like my soft whimpers, you want to hear me scream. You push my panties aside and start to taste me. Your tongue parts my lips and finds its way to that sensitive bundle of nerves. I can’t help but grind into that tongue and beg you for more. You oblige me. Pulling me by my thighs across the kitchen table and holding me down while you feast on my yummy cunny. I get closer and closer to covering your face with my cum. My hands are fisted up in your hair, and my eyes barely open. I’m so close. You brush your teeth into my clit and I explode for you. You lap me up and hold me down while I writhe and buck. You love watching your beautiful woman screaming for you. Just like you wanted. And I’m more than happy to return the favor.

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