Sissy Humiliation with Mistress Mercy

Sissy Humiliation

Calling all sissy cum sluts!!! Mistress Mercy wants some fun sissy humiliation. There is nothing I love more than turning a man decades older than me into a whimpering little girl stroking his swollen clitty. It starts with the clothes first. Putting them in cute pairs of panties. Dressing them up in cute skirts and stockings or even a pretty dress. If they are really good little fuck sluts, they’ll do their makeup and send me hot pictures. After they get all pretty for me, they can finally get to touch their cute little clitties.

I know I look nice and polite, but don’t get the wrong idea. I will absolutely fucking humiliate you. You will only do what I tell you to do. When I tell you to do it. And you will get on your knees and thank me for giving you the time of day. Bitch boys like you love hearing my sweet voice praise them for being my good little pets. And my pink snatch starts watering when they tell me they’d do anything to make me happy. You’ll have to earn that privilege. It’s my job to remind you that your place is on your knees for me. And if you forget your place you will be punished. Fuck. I can hear you groaning “Thank you, Mistress Mercy” in my ear already! Are you going to be good for me pet?

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