Sissy training humiliation

Sissy humiliation



I got my newest sissy bitch in training and she thinks she’s hot shit. I”m going to have knock her ass down a rung or two. I’m going to put an ad on craigslist pimping out her mouth and ass for cash, cash for my pocket only. Yes that’s right she does the work I keep the money. That’s how it goes, and she’s going to learn fast. I gotta find out just how good she can follow directions and how good a cock sucker she is, and how tight her puckered pink hole is. She’s a sissy in training and I’ve got to teach her how to serve and serve me well. Whoring her ass out is the first step. I have a couple of regular clients in mind  to start her out though, one has a 11 inch cock to drill out her ass and stretch it out nice for the next guy. She needs to learn to take huge black cock down her sissy throat too, deep throating black cock is a must for sissy’s. She better not bitch or complain once either or it’s straight to the truck stop glory hole for her! She’ll learn her lesson quick getting dick after dick fucking her ass for hours til she can’t shit right for a week. So many choices for this SIssy in training! I’m  really excited now to get this Bitch trained and ready !

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