Small boobs fairy Saralina takes care of your fetishes

Small boobs

Here’s a little roleplay. Let’s say I’m a little Lolita fairy on her way to take care of that big cock of yours. I’m in your room using my entire little body to rub against your cock, up and down. Hehe! Look at all of that cum! Let your little fairy use her little tongue to lick up and down the best she can while her dripping wet pussy juices makes a mess out of that dick of yours. Mm, it tastes so good with all of your pre-cum! Now use me like a fucking fleshlight, use me like the little whore I am! I just gave you some Great Blowjobs, now it’s your turn to fuck my tiny pussy. Oh god, yes! I can see your dick inside of me! You’re using just a hand to move me up and down furiously to get your cock off! Oh fuck! Yes, yes! It feels so fucking good! Breed my fucking pussy! Breed my stupid fuckhole and get make me pregnant! Mm! Oh my god! There’s so much fucking cum inflating my small body and dripping out of my loli cunt. Mm, You really know how to make a cute and Sexy babe fairy really happy. Hehe!


    • Paul on December 18, 2022 at 10:13 am
    • Reply

    This is so hot…….who wouldn’t want to breed their own personal Lolita sex fairy. I know I would.

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