Small dick humiliation? Let’s get out that ruler

Small dick humiliationHello there, mortals. I am Lena, your goddess, your dominatrix. The one who reigns supreme in the world of Small dick humiliation. You are nothing but my toy. I know that today, just like every other day, I will be in control. The one who decides who gets to touch me, who gets to pleasure me, and who gets to serve me.

I wake up every morning feeling like a queen. I stretch my limbs, feeling my muscles ripple under my smooth, pale skin. I glance at myself in the mirror, admiring my toned physique, my beautiful dark hair, and my piercing eyes. I am a vision of perfection, a goddess among mortals.

And here you are. Looking for a particular fetish, for the kind of humiliation you deserve. Why not? Stare at your pathetic reflection. You just scream insecurity, the president of the little dicky committee. You make me smirk that you think that thing could reach the sides of a tight pussy. Hahaha, maybe a gerbil, but shit even then, you will probably just bore it to death.

The saddest thing is how you don’t even realize how bad that limp finger actually is. I will teach you though, don’t worry. I will make great use out of you. I get soaked when I berate you with Tease and denial play. You want to touch me? Get down on your knees and lick these perfect toes.

I want to see your eyes glistening with tears. Make me cum by the humiliation etched on your face, and I revel in it. I am a cruel goddess, and I will make your little baby dicked ass suffer. I’ll get your pathetic voice trembling with desire. “Please, let me touch you”, you whine. I laugh, my voice dripping with contempt. ‘No,’ I say, cold and detached.

You are not worthy of my body and quite frankly not worthy of any body! You will never touch a Shaved wet pussy, not while I am in control. I will always torment and humiliate my plaything. I love to make you beg for my touch. Poor little worm cock begs for my affection, and I make you beg for my mercy. But I never give in. I am in control, and I will make you suffer.



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