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Black Cock Fantasies

I can’t stop thinking about of hot fucking phone sex last night. I loved that you invited your big black friend over to use his black cock on me. He was so fucking big, he stretched my cunt right out! His cock was so big around and he really knew how to fuck! He grabbed handfuls of my blonde hair and forced me to deep throat him on my knees. I know you loved watching him use me in that way. I saw the look in your eyes as you stroked your cock and stared at him taking me in every hole that I have! It turned me on so much thinking about it, I had to go out and buy a huge black dildo and have been fantasizing about doing his BBC all day!Fantasy phone sex

Filling In For A Friend

sex therapist gingerMy dear friend is the masseuse for the Hawks. That is right the Seattle Sea-hawks. It’s preseason and she got sick with the flu. She needed someone to fill in for her so she gave me a call since only a doctor can technically do the job. Never mind that I am a sex therapist not a licensed masseuse. I have a license. There was no way I was going to turn down the chance to rub down a bunch of muscular, hot and sweaty football players. I could only imagine what they are working with between their legs and how much stamina they must have!
Standing there in the locker room as they come in off the field, the smell of masculinity and testosterone is thick in the air and my pussy soaks my panties. Without thinking I reach between my legs and start rubbing my pussy and my nipples get rock hard and strain against the material of my skimpy blouse. This is going to be one interesting afternoon.