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Make This Sexy Babe Moan For You

You want to really hear me moan, then get me off really good. I know some men love to have their woman get off first and that excites them, So if you can’t quite get me off and are my lover, then I suggest trying harder or let me enjoy another mans pleasuring. I would love for you to be close by and enjoy me as I enjoy that strangers big throbbing cock as it penetrates my sweet pink pussy. The way it makes me wet should tell you how much pleasure his cock alone is giving me. If you really want to be a part of it the I suggest you get down close to that cock and start licking and sucking on my clit. If you are a good lover, but don’t really get me off with that cock, then you best be good at oral, and know that I am quite good at it also. I love to lick and suck on a nice hard cock as much as I enjoy slipping my fingers and tongue into a sweet wet pussy. You know you need to please your sexy babe right.

Sexy Babe

Best Phone Sex Happens in Public

Some of the best phone sex sessions have been with my voyeur perverts in their vehicles in a mall parking lot or a park. I love talking a pervert through some kinky shit, and build on his little voyeuristic desires. To coach his fixation on watching the sandaled feet of young pretty gals and how much he would love to just jerk off on them.

I love the perverts that call me while watching their obsession from the bushes with his cock out. He tells me what she is wearing and how good her ass looks in those yoga pants and the front view, the nice rack held in her workout top and how sweaty her feet must be in those sneakers. How good it would feel to have her sit her sweaty ass on your face for you to lick and worship. Your stroking that fuck rod with intensity now thinking of those sweaty moist feet giving you a footjob.

Best Phone Sex