Teacher’s Pet Has an Ass Fetish

ass fetishOne of my students this semester is not only hot for teacher, but he also has a major ass fetish. After the first day of the new semester, he wanted to bang my erasers and lick my ass. I always need a good ass licking. Every mature woman wants a young man who will kiss her ass. Zach is a Psych major which means I will have him in more classes over his 4-year college experience.  Normally, each semester I pick a teacher’s pet. Zach picked me. He let me know almost immediately that he wanted to worship me all semester. How could this naughty teacher say no to that? I took him for a test run on the first day of the semester. He proved he had great oral skills, so I skipped my normal process and made him my first pet of 2020. Yesterday, he paid me a visit during my office hours. I had to lock my office door and put up a “Not In” sign because I was bent over my desk with a student’s tongue in my ass. Zach takes brown noser to new level. With his tongue up my ass and a finger in my cunt, he made me squirt all over my oak desk. He may be my best pet yet.

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